Okay…I know what youre thinking…actually I dont because I cant read minds BUT! despite the title we did accomplish our mission to the best of our ability.

No sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes, and no processed food for 30 days. We attempted to do the reintroduction phase, where you reintroduce one of these 4 categories: dairy, legumes, non-gluten grains, and gluten grains slowly back into your diet.

Whole30 Last Week - That Hipster Life - A Tiny Townley Adventure - Reintroduction - Cream Cheese with Apple Slices

On our dairy reintroduction day we had a snack of apple slices with cranberry and macadamia nut cream cheese – one of my old prego staples.

We were victims of circumstance in that our reintroduction phase was compromised when El Deliciouso gave us our carne asada chips with rice AND beans on our non-gluten grains reintroduction day. I know this may not make sense and we could have very well brought our chips up to the counter and ‘complained’…but who complains about that? And then wastes a whole plate of ridiculously delicious food? Certainly not the Townleys.

…okay, I know what youre thinking now, carne asada chips are not enchiladas…let us further explain. We thought we would take that road block as it came and pick back up where we left off in our reintroduction phase…so we continued to do 2 more days of Whole 30.

Well, fast forward to Sunday. Sundays we attend a group called Missional Community which seeks to actively impact the greater community of Shasta Lake(we’re all about that!). Every time we meet, we also share a meal together. Most of the time the meals are themed and this time the theme was Mexican food – the kind of food we clearly have a problem with.

Now seeing as Sundays are typically crazy, I didnt get out till late. Thus not having the time to prepare Whole30 food for us to bring. Which would mean for the second week in a row(to no other fault but ours) our dinner would have been lettuce while everyone indulged in enchiladas we know were prepared with love!

Needless to say, we ate enchiladas…34 days…we will call it a success!


Weight : When I checked in I was at 153-155 lbs, now I fluctuate around 140-142… which means I’m down approximately 14lbs. Not only have I lost the weight, I can see it and others have been commenting on it!

Whole30 Last Week - That Hipster Life - A Tiny Townley Adventure - My Journey

Prior to getting pregnant I ended up weighing the most I ever had at 177 lbs. I changed that during the summer losing 25+lbs which brought me down to 155lbs. I then got pregnant and obviously gained weight bringing me right back up to 177lbs. But now…34 weeks post-partum, Im happy to say Im now down to 140lbs, even better then before!

Average Hr of Sleep : I originally noted that I got an average of 7 hours of sleep at night…not much has changed because well…I’m a mom – if I could sleep more I would and I know my body would have no problem doing so. Though, I do have enough energy to get through my super busy days without a nap or feeling like the walking dead. So that’s great!

Common Physical Symptoms : ‘Bloating, occasional arthritis-like flair ups(hands, hips), & I feel like I have ‘restless feet syndrome’ most of the time.’ that’s what I reported at the beginning of this Whole30 journey, now I can happily report those problems have greatly reduced. Bloating has almost been non-existent, however, I still notice restlessness in my feet, just less often.

Common Emotional Symptoms : ‘Anxiety, Exasperation’ were my check in answers and seeing as this journey very gracefully transitioned me into my next challenge…a spiritual detox…I would say it very much helped with those emotional problems. Aside from PMSing, I felt pretty good this whole time on Whole30. More focused, more level, and I could breathe easier.

Common Mental Symptoms : ‘Forgetful(In relation to objects)’ … I honestly think this is just a personality trait or the fact I dont find paperwork, my phone, keys, and other ‘important’ things priorities…at least I always know where Odette is, right?

Favorite Thing about Whole30 : I always love self-improvement, making informed decisions, and continually learning. This has further fueled my desire to live a healthful life and continue to learn what that means.

What now? How do you see your diet changing for the long haul? I would love to continue purchasing only organic and locally, if at all possible.

As far as sugar is concerned…I want fruit to continue being my source of sugar. While only using honey, maple syrup, and other more natural sweeteners occasionally. Like I just tried an iced maple syrup latte on my dairy introduction day(as you can see below) and I enjoyed it enough that I’d be okay having that once in a while.

I still want to continue checking labels and opting for the product without added sugar…because WHO needs sugar in chicken broth?!?!

I would like to limit dairy because my body doesnt like it…and if I do have it, I want it to either be raw milk or organic milk.

As far as legumes and grains, they make me feel bloated. But I freaking love rice and beans, so occasionally this is fine.

I would love to get into juicing, as was mentioned in our previous Whole30 post, Whole30 : Weeks 2 & 3.  I pretty much just want to continue choosing healthier options whenever I am able!

I will, however, be having an occasional donut and taco combo because nothing brings me more food joy then that.

Whole30 Last Week - That Hipster Life - A Tiny Townley Adventure - Juicing

Delicious Juice from Roots Juice Bar in Redding, CA!


Weight : Aaron started this journey out at 130lbs and is now weighing in at 124lbs, that’s about 6lbs lost. And I have to say, he looks pretty good. haha

Average Hr of Sleep : Now get this, he was first reporting an average of 5 hours of sleep a night and he now believes its more like 8-9 hours a night. This is a great improvement! 3-4 extra hours of sleep a night can do wonders for a person, such a blessing!

Common Physical Symptoms : ‘Asthma – worse at night causing coughing fits periodically throughout the night lasting 30 mins – 1.5 hrs.’ this is what he originally reported…while we sadly cant say his asthma is gone, he is not having those coughing fits during the night, resulting in better, longer sleep. We think his asthma may be induced by our environment as he has less problems with asthma while in Alaska…where it has arguably cleaner air.

So our hope is that things will improve when we get into our Tiny House – a space that will be easier to keep clean, no carpets, and a heating system that doesnt produce smoke or push around dust!

Common Emotional Symptoms : None like before. Hes just a cold hearted snake. haha

Common Mental Symptoms : ‘Brain Fog’ Besides reporting feeling more clear minded, he also believes this is just a part of this personality…aren’t we two peas in a pod?

Favorite Thing About Whole30 : This got me cooking more and if you ask him, he loves my cooking. Which he admitted to me today was his main motivation for joining me in this reboot. Although, he has walked away with more passion for healthy living, I would call that a win!

What now? How do you see your diet changing for the long haul? I would say we are very much on the same page as far as the future of our diet is concerned. However, when it comes to cheese we have learned that craving is written on his soul…though, he is not going to settle for just any cheese. He wants to seek out the best most God-sent cheese…and then eat it.


Did you know this is the first thing we have accomplished on our list of 17 Things to do in 2017? Would you consider doing Whole30? 

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Whole30 Last Week - That Hipster Life - A Tiny Townley Adventure - Reintroduction - Cauliflower Pizza