Here is our rough projects list for the coming 1-3 months + Inspiration photos of what our Tiny House may resemble when we are finished! This week we are going to apply for a personal loan(you can read about this here) … timeline could vary but we are hoping to reach the -finishing details- by Mid or Late October.

1) Finish Insulation + Get Inspection

2) Install Power In

3) Complete Plumbing Vents

4) Complete Wiring for Lighting

5) Install Interior Walls and Window Sills

We plan to achieve the same white ship lap/plank look as shown here.

6) Paint Walls

7) Tile Shower

We plan to tile both our shower and kitchen back splash with white subway tile and black grout like in this photo. And all of our faucet fixtures are made of antique copper.

8) Install Flooring

9) Build Stair Case and Iron Pipe Railing

We will have a staircase ‘similar’ to this as far as shape but will have a much more rustic/industrial feel…maybe some crazy resin designs in the tread and most definitely Iron Pipe railings.

10) Build the Loft Guardrail/Enclosure

We would like to enclose the lofts with wood art much like the ones you see here…one side having a cityscape(maybe with the sundial in it?) and the other side with mountains that will hopefully resemble Mount Shasta!

11) Build Cabinetry for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Office Nook

Much of all of our cabinetry will be done in this Iron Pipe and Wood look.

12) Install all the Homes Shelving

Our kitchen, bathroom, and office shelving will be done very similar to the shelving pictured here!

13) Build Book Shelf

We loved this idea ever since we first saw it! A book shelf that can turn into a desk or a family table. Huge space saver to make our main space feel larger when a table is not in use. Plus…more iron pipe and wood accents, could it get any better? haha

14) Install Sinks and Toilet

15) Build and Install Live Edge Barn Door to Bathroom

Isnt that just gorgeous?

16) Install Light Fixtures

We plan to create a chandelier like this one for the center of our home with many other less extravagant Edison Bulb fixtures.

17) -Finishing Details-

Finally making this Tiny House our Home!