Over a week and a half ago we transitioned from our Whole30 health detox to a spiritual detox…and man, has it been rocking our world.

We stepped into this ‘spiritual detox’ not exactly defining it, nor knowing what that meant for us. Quickly we decided to commit to prayer walking and chasing after Gods desire for our lives.

Theres Nothing Fishy About This New Season - Prayer Walk

Over the course of the last year we’ve had many conversations with people about our Tiny House Community vision. One conversation in particular really inspired our prayer walking route. You see, after conveying our vision to this local public service worker, he excitedly mentioned a piece of land that he believed would be perfect for what we wanted to do…a piece of land I had never considered before.

From there, I started exploring the thought of planting this community on that specific piece of land, realizing it fit EVERY SINGLE SPECIFICATION we had for the Tiny House Community. I found it funny I never considered it before but immediately felt even more silly that I was viewing it as a possibility.

Never have we considered a more impossible piece of land then this. In yet, never before have we been so all in for our vision.

And so this is where our spiritual detox began.

That Hipster Life - Theres Nothing Fishy About This New Seasons - Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear


Short of saying where this property is, as I would love to share that in person individually, we committed to walking along side it daily in prayer.

Its been a wild ride – from having a small pack of pits barking at us, with us praising the Lord they were unaware of the huge hole in the fence only 10 feet down the road, to having the most unexpected but divine phone call at my workplace…its been supernaturally overwhelming to say the least.

Praying over property and provisions has not only been the topic at hand…but the enormous amount of prayer over our summer. We typically spend our summers in Alaska for work and until recently had no intentions of changing that.

Though, what used to be an ‘Alaskan Adventure’ has turned into our comfort blanket, threatening our progress forward. What used to be exciting(and dont get me wrong, I LOVE ALASKA) turned into the comfortable decision, not necessarily the best decision.

That Hipster Life - Theres Nothing Fishy About This New Season - You Aint About That Life - That Alaska Life That Is

Since questioning the benefit of returning to Alaska for seasonal work, we sought prayer from our community and began praying ourselves. Quickly we began feeling like the Alaska chapter of our life was coming to a close, at least for now.

So here we are to officially say…we are NOT returning to Alaska but rather staying to dedicate all of our time to building this Tiny House Community. Where we were not able to be all in before, we are now.