That is the name of my beautiful daughter who lays sleeping as I type! Discovery of her plunging into this world by making home in my belly was definitely a shock to my system…but incredibly meant to be, as I believe God had been grooming me for that moment.

My husband and I talked far too much about baby names for people not intending to have their own kids…however, all through out dating and into marriage we decided we would name a girl Candace and our second choice was Odette. Though, after finding out I was pregnant and after shock and fear finally turned into anxious excitement we both came to the conclusion that the little person growing inside me was in fact Odette, not Candace. And as for her middle name…haha, what do I even say…I was learning Spanish from Mexican friends the summer prior in Alaska and I love the way Amor sounds and how perfect is it that it means love?

After looking deeper into meanings we concluded that Odette Amor means Rich in Love – a name I am proud to call my daughter. And it doesnt stop there! We looked into the meaning of our last name, ‘Townley’…things that come up – settlement, small village, town meadow. In light of our mission to plant a Tiny House Community in Shasta Lake to house people serving our community, we were overjoyed by the meaning and how we received deep comfort in naming her Odette Amor Townley.

A small village, rich in love encompasses everything That Hipster Life is trying to accomplish. I guess we just had to birth our mascot to get things rolling, huh?

And even though we have no definite plans, accept for what the Lord has in store for us when it comes to future children, we are excited to see what revelations and encouragements we receive through the privilege of naming any future children.

If you have children, what inspired their names? Let us know!

Whats in a name?