Building A Solid Foundation

The concept of building a solid foundation has come up probably half a dozen times over the last week, especially as I watch Heritage Roasting Co’s new patio go in. During the construction of any foundation, it may not seem like any progress is being made but a solid foundation is essential to any structure! Reflecting on the last…10 years…I’m reminded of my my aspirations, striving, learning, and waiting…in it all, I can hardly believe where we are at now!

Over the years we’ve been presented with so many possible doors to walk through only for them to close in our faces…especially when the doors had to do with where we would plant ourselves. You can read more about that here.

I’ve always desired to live in community and to homestead…jokingly(laced with truth) saying, ‘I want to start a commune.’ Not much has changed, which is why we took the Tiny House plunge 3 years ago…and we at the time and even still now, looked at Tiny Homes as the easiest way to achieve community living!

Having shared property but individual space. And with the limited space a Tiny House has, it would limit consumerism and force us to get out into nature more. With the way they are built, they are one of the most affordable ways to OWN your own home…

We are still totally on the Tiny House train and plan to plant our Tiny House Community in Shasta Lake…having said that…here is a HUGE update because it’s been a while.

We recently purchased my sister’s home and property in Shasta Lake. It’s hard to see my sister’s family move away but it was a long time coming for them. They were being called away from California and I really can’t blame them. If I wasn’t so rooted here, I’d probably be out too.

Now…I’ve received a lot of response from people upon hearing about this recent purchase saying, ‘Oh, so you’re not doing the Tiny House thing anymore?’

In some ways the question sits heavy on my heart because I know it’s probably hard to be on the outside looking in on a project that is taking as long as our Tiny House project has…and to walk away truly believing it’s ever going to actually happen.

But the simple answer is, yes, the Tiny House is still a thing! The Tiny House plan has always been to plant ourselves in Shasta Lake…and until now, the opportunity to be in Shasta Lake hadn’t presented itself! After all, we would need property to have a Tiny House Community, right?

Well…this property is 2.6 acres. And I cant tell you how sure we are that this was meant to be! Previously, I never looked at this property as something I wanted, mostly because it was my sister’s…however, upon hearing that they were moving and likely going to sell it..I was shook and my eyes were opened. This property checked so many boxes.

While It doesn’t have quite the space for as many Tiny Houses we were originally dreaming of, I honestly believe that this is just the beginning and the future is even more glorious then I first imagined. After 2 years of what has just felt like surviving…I can happily say I’m excited and dreaming again.

We are about 3 months into living here and I would say – things have finally settled! Our friend Joel moved in and is totally the type of person Aaron and I talked about housing in our Tiny House community.(Young creative’s and entrepreneurs looking to impact Shasta Lake.) Having the means to open our home up to him, really feels like promises being fulfilled. Our goal for the Tiny House Community has always been to be ‘A launching pad for creative leaders to Restore, Confirm, Strengthen, and Establish Shasta Lake, CA’ Maybe he will let us do a post about him so you can know just how he fits into our vision!

Praying Into Dreams & Desires

Its doesnt take much to get my wheels turning and to set my desires on fire! I’m one of those people that gets inspiration over a clean slate, empty house, unused space, blank canvases…you get it. So now that we have finally have a space where we have complete authority to manipulate…its like that desire to create and restore has just gone wild.

This property is a huge asset in our live’s mission. To be hospitable. To build community. To support visions. 

We’ve wandered around the property many times now and have created a running list of, ‘If we could do anything with this space what would it be?’ Many talks of lofty goals followed. As we were making plans for property improvements, the Community Garden aspect has become increasingly important to us. I tend to want to jump all in, sometimes prematurely…so I’m trying to take a step back and pray into all our different ideas because while the possibilities are endless, I want to build solid foundations.

My heart has been so captured by living consciously, sustainable, and intentionally. And I feel so blessed to finally have a space to do what we believe we were called to do in this life. So here’s to the journey that led us here…to the wonderful sanctuary this place will be…to the intentionality that will be born here! I’m so ready for this.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”


Supporting this Mission…

We do have a donate button on our website and would only ask someone to give if they truly felt led. We are trusting that provision will come for the completion of the first Tiny House and other costs associated with the Tiny House community in general! We appreciate any support in this and love sharing our heart for Shasta Lake, my hometown and the work we are already doing here with Heritage and the Shasta Lake Creative Community.