Whats That Hipster Life?

That Hipster Life is comprised of two individuals, Hannah and Aaron Townley. (yes, we’re married…pretty happy about it too) We’ve been married for almost five years and have been adventuring together longer then that… touring coffee shops on the west coast, working seasonal jobs in Alaska at a fish processing plant, having started the construction on one of our many tiny house projects, and now nearing quite possibly the most life-changing adventure of them all…the birth of our baby girl, Odette Amor Townley.

We’ve got a lot going on and this web blog is kind of a catch-all for our crazy roller coaster of a life! Some of our goals with That Hipster Life include the selling of our art, raising support for our Tiny House Community, and inspiring others to live more intentionally.

Hannah Townley

The brain child behind That Hipster Life and the main blogger. Currently employed at Heritage Roasting Company in Shasta Lake, CA as a barista!  Loving marriage because who wouldnt like to be forever friends with Aaron Townley? Both terrified and excited for motherhood. Preferred art mediums include coffee painting, henna tattooing, chalk art, latte art, and photography. Past times include drinking coffee, bullet journaling, board games, and napping.
Aaron and Hannah Townley - Artists and Bloggers at That Hipster Life

Aaron Townley

The hands that get things done! Currently employed at Icicle Seafoods Inc. in Dillingham, AK working construction and fish processing. An incredibly selfless husband totally embracing fatherhood. Preferred art mediums include coffee painting, digital concept art, wood burning/staining, clay modeling, and sewing. Past times include reading old science fiction novels, doodling, walking, listening to audio sermons, and playing video games.

Whats That Hipster Life look like? Maybe a little like this?

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